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The Place to Buy Honeysuckle Toys for Cats

£2.75 Flat Rate Delivery on UK Orders

Cat toys made from Tatarian Honeysuckle can only be sourced on a small-scale basis from Canada, and currently Clare is the only retailer outside the Americas to offer them. So they might be a little bit more expensive than some cat toys made from catnip, but cats have shown us that they think they're worth it! So why not treat the feline in your life to these natural and very exclusive toys!

A Note to Help you Choose Your Cat Toys

Our award-winning slices of honeysuckle wood come in sizes small, medium and large. The dimensions of each slice varies depending on the size of branch it is cut from. So whether they are small, medium or large, slices can be long and thin slices as well as short and wide, as shown in the images below. 

Whichever product you order, please let Clare know if you have a dimension preference and she'll do her best to accommodate this. Guides to approximate sizes can be found in the product description for each.

If your cat already has a favourite toy, it might be worth thinking about whether it has a hard or soft texture. You might want to use this as a guide when deciding which product to choose.

Please Note: The photos show three pieces of wood to illustrate the variations in the sizes of the wood, but prices shown are for a single slice of wood. 

If you're buying for the cat of a friend of family member and aren't sure what they might like, you can choose a Gift Card 

Gift Card 2022.png
Branch of a Tartarian honeysuckle tree
Green roundel with text 100% Natural Honeysuckle Wood
Cat Behaviourist Recommended

Honeysuckle wood is a natural toy for cats and a wonderful alternative to catnip toys. 

The pieces of wood available on this site are imported from The Cat House Inc. in Canada who, since 1991 have sold tens of thousands of pieces of  Tatarian honeysuckle wood as cat toys. The wood is produced from their own trees and they take pride in bringing only the best quality honeysuckle wood to market. Each piece of wood is stamped on one side with The Cat House Inc web address. Whenever you see this mark you can be reassured that this is a brand that reflects quality and safety. 

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