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The lightest toy in the Honeysuckle Cat Toys range, this Honeysuckle and Catnip Knitwit is the perfect toy for your cat to throw around and chase! The size of a mouse these small, knitted cat toys contain a potent mix of premium ground Tatarian honeysuckle wood and organic catnip.


They come in a number of charming designs and we'll surprise you with the character you receive!


Each toy is approximately 3" long.


The price shown is for one Knitwit.


What Customers Say


"Killi is loving the new toys as much as Boris did, he couldn't wait to start playing with them, rolling about, kicking them, throwing the knitwit in the air, drooling on the pouch, then looking very Honeysuckled out afterwards, bless him he had a great time. Very contented and tired out. He does play with catnip toys but shows a lot more enthusiasm for these. When we hold it for Jasmine, she perks up, likes to rub her face on the pouch for a while, has a bit of a chomp and then goes back to sleep, at 19 years showing an interest in anything is a win we feel. Beautifully packaged, they were individually addressed to Killi and Jasmine so cute and thoughtful, the knitwits are adorable characters, perfect size and lightweight, fantastic customer service. Our cats are happy which in turn makes us very happy. Highly recommend. Will be ordering again. Tina, Paul, Killi and Jasmine x"


"Hi Clare, just a note to say thank you for your quick response and delivery of two knitted toys and two wooden slices which I purchased for my friends two British Shorthair cats. They absolutely adored them and have not left them alone since receiving them. Miss Piggy and Mr Tiger even has to go to bed with them. I would highly recommend your products for hours of fun and frolics amongst the feline fraternity. Please feel free to use this review on your website, the more people know about how good your product is the better. Thank you again best wishes, Tina"



"Hi, toys came out today. 2 of my cats that love cat nip went bonkers! The other 2 are quite interested. So I would say they are a hit! Thank you very much. Never heard about these, so glad one of your customers told me about them. Kind Regards Sharon"

Sharon H.

Honeysuckle and Catnip Knitwit

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