As with the large and small slices, these medium slices of fragrant Tatarian honeysuckle wood come in assorted shapes and sizes depending on the size and shape of the branch they are cut from. As a guide the dimensions of an average medium slice are approximately 10.5cm long x 3.5cm wide, but they can be shorter and fatter or longer and thinner!


The price shown is for one medium slice.


Honeysuckle wood is a wonderful alternative to catnip that your cat will enjoy over and over. The scent of the wood brings out the playful side in your cat and lasts for years. To maintain the longevity of the wood scrape the flat sides of it with a knife to remove the top layer of sawdust. Wetting the wood with a drop or two of water will satisfy those cats who prefer a stronger scent. 

The pieces of wood available on this site are sourced from The Cat House Inc. in Canada who, since 1991 have sold tens of thousands of pieces of Tartarian honeysuckle wood as natural toys for cats. The wood is produced from their own trees and they take pride in bringing only the best quality honeysuckle to market. Each piece of wood is stamped on one side with The Cat House Inc web address. Whenever you see this mark you can be reassured that this is a brand that reflects quality and safety.

Honeysuckle Wood Medium Slice


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