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Honeysuckle Cat Toys’ medium honeysuckle wood slice is a wonderful toy for all cats, especially those that don’t respond to catnip toys. The scent of the wood lasts for years which means your cat can enjoy it over and over.


To maintain the longevity of the wood, sand the flat sides of it to remove the top layer of sawdust and release more fragrant honeysuckle scent. Wetting the wood with a drop or two of water will satisfy those cats who prefer a stronger smell.


Each medium wood slice comes in assorted shapes and sizes depending on the size and shape of the branch it is cut from. An average medium slice is approximately 9.5cm long x 3.5cm wide, but as with the small honeysuckle wood slice, it can be shorter and fatter or longer and thinner.


The price shown is for one medium slice.


What Customers Say


"We are SO impressed with these - all of our cats (Sonny, Monty and Bonnie) love them. I saw the article in Your Cat magazine and ordered some straight away - the video I've sent you is Monty enjoying the smell of his new favourite toy!! We let them play with them for a short time and then put them away in a sealed box, this keeps them ultra-keen each day." 

Cathy F.


"Hi Clare. We received Luna’s toys today and she absolutely loves them. She’s never really been bothered about catnip so when I found your web site, I thought I’d give it a go. Well it’s a resounding success so thought I’d send you a picture & video of her enjoying them. Luna is our precious little girl. We recently lost her sister, so she really is so special to us. She wants for nothing & is spoilt rotten.Thanks so much Emma" Emma C.


"Honeysuckle toys are a must for cats! I have 3 cats ranging from 1 to 17 years, and they all enjoy playing with their toys, licking the wood and chewing the sachets. I highly recommend giving them a try and adding them to your pet's Christmas list. Many thanks. Love Yvonne x"

Yvonne W.


Medium Honeysuckle Wood Slice

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