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Cat toys made from Tatarian honeysuckle wood sawdust only became available in the UK and Europe in 2018 when Cat Behaviourist Clare Hemington discovered research demonstrating the positive benefits that exposure to this honeysuckle wood has on cats. She now runs Honeysuckle Cat Toys, giving cat owners the opportunity to offer their cat a little piece of honeysuckle heaven.


Large slices are suitable for the bigger cat who really like to grab hold of their cat toys!


As with the small and medium slices of wood, the large honeysuckle wood slice is cut from Tatarian honeysuckle trees, the branches of which differ in shape and size. For this reason, each wood slice also varies in in size and shape. As a guide large slices average approximately 12cm in length and 4.5cm in width but can be as long as 16cm and as wide as 6cm.


The price shown is for one large slice.



What Customers Say

"Hi. I ordered one of the honeysuckle slices last week and wanted to tell you how much my cats love it! They are both moggies and both love catnip. I've tried valerian root in the past but they were not fussed on it. I was a little dubious about the honeysuckle, but thought I'd give it a go. They loved it from the first sniff. It gave the same effect as catnip, if not stronger. They enjoyed sniffing, scratching, rubbing their heads on it, one even tried to bite it. Thank you for the information in the pack, I learnt a lot. As soon as I get them still enough to take a photo or video, I will send it over. I will recommend this to all my cat loving friends too."

Karley R.


Hi, Just a quick email to let you know that all four of my cats love their honeysuckle slabs of wood! 😍 I thought I'd send you a little photo of Benson last night with one of the slabs. If you zoom in you'll see a very content little face! I'll be sure to place another order with you very soon to keep them all happy! 😊 Best wishes, Nicki x "

Nicki F. 


"We are pretty happy with our honeysuckle toy purchase. Our ginger cat Allen like it a lot. When your parcel arrived, Allen smelled right away something interesting in there, even before we opened it. We are giving the toy to him approx once per couple of days, he then licks it for some time. When I first read about this wood, I was sceptical, because I wasn`t sure if it`s good for cat. It`s because I was also sceptical about catnip - for some reason I though it`s not good for cats to play with toys with catnip or that kind of fragrance. Don`t know why I had such opinion. But when I read on your website explanations about it, they convinced me. So, it`s really great you have also such explanations, as I`m sure many cat owners similarly to me are hesitant to catnip (at least here in Latvia)."

Gints K.

Large Honeysuckle Wood Slice

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