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These award winning Honeysuckle and Catnip pouches each contain a mix of natural ground honeysuckle wood and premium organic catnip.


Some cats love to grab and kick them, others prefer to lick them - either way, they appear to find them irresistible!


Measuring approximately 7.5cm x 9cm these fragrant cat toys are made from two layers of pretty cat-themed fabric. As the fabric used is constantly changing, we like to surprise you by choosing the pattern for you. 

The price shown is for one pouch.


What Customers Say


"Hi, I have recently made a purchase, however I first purchased one of your items at the cat festival in London in the summer, my cat has always been very highly strung, she is 12 now and has never reacted to catnip, whether it be eating it, natural form, or as a spray. I’ve tried silvervine too and also feliway which has next to no calming effect! When I first bought the pouch home she immediately loved to lay down on it and rub her head back and forth on it, and relaxes. She is always looking for it. Unfortunately another cat came into the house a couple of weeks ago and has ripped the pouch open and licked the pouch so it was soaking and covered in another cat's scent.  Within less than 24 hours she definitely was looking for the pouch pining for it so I KNEW I had to buy another! Absolutely fab! My friend also purchased one too at the festival and her 2 cats absolutely love it, the scent must be so long lasting! Thank you :-)"

Naomi H.


"I recently purchased a selection of honeysuckle toys for my 3 cats to play with.  Their response has been amazing!  They don't only cuddle and play with the toys, but they pick them and carry them from room to room!  I have one cat who is nearly 18, has various health issues and is recovering from recent surgery.  Not only was he attracted to the toys but tried hard to get to the bag as I was opening it!  The beautiful wrapping (lime green tissue) was pulled from my hand in an attempt to reach the contents.  He then played not only with the toys but also the tissue paper which must have carried the smell of the honeysuckle.  Another of my cats became ecstatic with the little honeysuckle pouches as well as playing with the string used to tie on the labels.  So not only have I made a great purchase of toys but the packaging has given so much joy to my cats as well."

Yvonne W.


"Hi Clare. I recently purchased a couple of your honeysuckle wood toys for my cats. I work for pet food company Bella and Duke and one of my colleagues recommended these to me.  I have to admit that I was somewhat sceptical - but I'm always interested in trying something new! Oh my goodness! All four of my cats - Rebel,  Jinx,  Mischief and Rascal - went mental for them! The boys have always enjoyed cat nip,  but my little girl,  Mischief,  isn't effected by it so it was especially lovely to see her really enjoying these.  All four of them have already had hours of fun and I will definitely be getting more! Thank you so much for this fantastic product - and an extra special thanks from Rebel, Jinx,  Mischief and Rascal. Best Regards."

Jude M.


Honeysuckle and Catnip Pouch

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