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Happy Cat Customers Playing with their Honeysuckle Cat Toys...

Here you can see our Honeysuckle Cat Toys customers, old and young, wild and domestic all enjoying the benefits of

Tatarian honeysuckle wood!


If you've got a photo or video of your cats playing with their honeysuckle cat toys, please send them to us and we'll display them here. 

Clicking on each image will take you to more photos of our furry customers having fun with different honeysuckle wood toys.

Honeysuckle Wood Slice

Wood slice. Cuba Sushi. Renata.png

Honeysuckle Pouch

Honeysuckle Pouch. heidi.kat_20211122_092709_5.png

Honeysuckle Kicker

Kicker #1. Woof. April 2021.jpg

Honeysuckle Mouse

Mouse. Barnaby. Loz Barker..jpg

Honeysuckle & Catnip Knitwit

Knitwit. Rosie. Joanna Price. #1.png

Honeysuckle & Catnip Pouch

Pouch. Dee Thomas. Maya No Logo Small.png

Honeysuckle Cuddle Cushion

Cuddle Cushion Billy.png

Big Cats 

Big Cats Malayan Tiger.png
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