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The Honeysuckle Cat Kicker Toy from Honeysuckle Cat Toys gives cats the chance to perform natural cat behaviour. Being a large cat toy cats can grab it, kick it and rake it with their paws!


This cat kicker toy is also a good solution for cats that like to use other cats or even human body parts as playthings or as targets for their frustration, anger or fear.


Measuring approximately 3" wide and 12" long the cat kicker is made from a tightly woven natural hessian material and contains premium ground Tatarian honeysuckle wood. It is double stitched for extra durability.


Because each kicker is hand-made to order they may differ slightly from the picture shown and there will be a few days extra wait for Clare to make them! 


The price shown is for one kicker.


What Customers Say

"My British Blue has never liked cat nip and I felt he was missing out because other cats seem to get a great deal of fun from it, so when I heard the HS might be attractive for him, I got one of the toys and he love, love, loves it!! A complete success!! Thank you for providing the toys. Delivery was also super quick and the toy beautifully wrapped etc. I am very happy with this product, as is my cat, which is the important part, because as we cat owners are fully aware, we are there but to do their bidding!!"

Leigh M.


"Hi Clare. Today I received the cat toys and my cat likes them a lot. He started licking them and rubbing them over his body directly Thank you very much. Regards, Edwin (and Django).

Edwin R.


"Dear Clare.  I can confirm that Courgette loves her new honeysuckle toy and happily nibbles, scratches, and rubs it. She doesn't respond much to catnip unless a toy is absolutely stuffed full of it, but I hope she'll keep enjoying her honeysuckle toy for a long time to come! Thanks, Caroline."

Caroline C.

Honeysuckle Cat Kicker Toy

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