Cats can never have too many home comforts, so with this in mind I created the cuddle cushion. Containing ground Tatarian honeysuckle wood these cushions are perfect for kicking, raking or just cuddling!

These cushions currently come in three designs:


Colourful cat ~ Rooftop Cat ~ Kitten


The Colourful Cat and Rooftop Cat designs are made from polycotton canvas craft fabric. The Kitten design is made from a cotton linen fabric. Each cushion measures approximately

18cm x 14cm and are double stitched for extra durability.


Please note, colours may differ slightly due to the lighting of the photograph.


Because each cushion is hand-made to order they may be a few days extra wait whilst Clare lovingly makes them! 


The price shown is for one cushion.


What Customers Say

"Great customer service! There was no issue posting it abroad and they sent it right away. Toys arrived in a cute package and lovely owner add a little gift for being their first customer from Slovakia. My cat absolutely loved the toys, I've never seen him acting like this ever before. He went all crazy, doing flip-flops, bunny kicking and then happily fell asleep. And to mention, he doesn't react to the catnip at all. Highly recommended." Lucia M.


"Hi Clare. It’s safe to say you have one very happy customer! Before I could even open the lovely packaging Princess knew something was inside for her! Instantly she started rubbing herself on her cuddle cushion and then kicking it! The quality and print on the cushion is so lovely too! Thank you so much for the lovely items." 

Emily C.


"Just to let you know my cats are loving their new honeysuckle cat toys. They are fans of catnip but are enjoying rolling around with the honeysuckle cushions! Fortunately I bought them a cushion each!"

Wendy C.


"Over the past couple of weeks, I have -at great expense - bought my cat a drinking fountain and a cat tree - both of which he has chosen to ignore completely!! BUT your honeysuckle toy and piece of wood are a major hit. He could smell them through the envelope and could hardly wait for me to hand them over! I have a very happy cat!" A. Briscoe


"Ellie who is very funny about toys absoutely loves this one!"

Katie P.


"Dear Mrs. Hemington. The package arrived yesterday. Thank you very much for that! You have packed the cat-toys so lovingly. My cats are totally crazy about the toys :-) I will recommend you and will definitely order something again.Greetings from Germany! Patricia." Patricia M.

Honeysuckle Cuddle Cushion Various Designs