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The Hairy Tails of a Cat Sitter

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Proud cat owner David Cliff reviews a fascinating compendium of all things cat for Pets Magazine.

The Hairy Tails of a Cat Sitter
By C.H. Hemington
RRP £7.99
Published by Irony Press

I was very pleased to review ‘The Hairy Tails of a Cat Sitter’. In the book, the principal subject, Katherine, is a cat sitter providing support to the loved moggies of a whole range of different people whose lifestyle periodically requires their cats to be cared for by someone coming into the home. But it's not just cats, it's birds, it snakes, dogs, you name it and sometimes Katherine's antics and trying to keep different species apart whilst caring for them has all of the slapstick mirth of Brian Rix's infamous farces.  Author Clare Hemington may be a Cat Behaviourist, but she does a good degree of insight into the human condition as well, as again and again, our pets’ lifestyles are materially affected by our own and their moods and other behaviours are often dictated by the environments we set up within our homes which are emotional in nature, as much as they are physical.

This book is totally entertaining, thoughtful, funny and deeply insightful about humankind's relationship with the feline species, and a few others to boot. The key thing for me was the different approach that a third party can bring to the care of an animal that can shine a light onto how to better improve its experience of life and its relationship with its owners. This was demonstrated in many of the anecdotal examples given within the book that formed many case studies on what to do and in many cases what not to do with animal care.

Katherine, the heroine of the book, and one suspects an alter ego for the author, comes a cropper on a number of occasions and get a few surprises not only by the animals, but the covert lifestyles of many of their owners. It is a hugely enjoyable book with a clear heart for the personalities, behaviours and idiosyncratic ways that go to make every cat completely unique and yet with a quintessential sameness that generates a fascination that captivates our attention. But then I'm speaking as a ‘cat person’, but I would defy even ‘unbelievers’ not to get some real fun out of reading this publication on a wet Sunday afternoon when one simply wants a bit of entertainment.

In a world of fiction where we see the recent popularity of the characters of ‘Marvel’ comics saving the day, arguably, Katherine is probably a superhero of the feline domain. As a character, her adaptability, her art and dare I say, plain ‘doggedness’ for ensuring her charges are well looked after is in many ways deserving of accolades. It's only one book I wondered what the film or TV series drawn from the stories would look like.

It's a fairly substantial read at about 280 pages and one that one could read over a period perhaps when one feels the need for a relaxing but funny feline "fix"! 5 Star reviews image

Robert Thomas

​If you love cats, you'll love this.

A must read for cat lovers, can't wait for the next one!

Amazon customer
This book was a joy and had me laughing, as a cat sitter myself I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Kat's cat sitting experiences, never a dull moment! Love the way the cats and their very special personalities are described and the dedicated care that Kat gives them. I feel like I know these cats personally! So funny, love how Kat's husband Elliot is occasionally roped in to help with emergencies! If you love cats, you will love this book.

Great Fun!
Recognised several of the situations having been owned by a cat for some years.

Great Book!
Have since purchased a second copy for my cat sitter!

Loved every word of it!
Running my own cat sitting business for 14 years I was excited to read this book. I wasn't disappointed, I couldn't put it down. Although Claire says some of it is fiction, I'm not so sure as I can relate to all of the stories myself. I found it amusing, touching and simply a delight to read. 

Purrfect read for for cat lovers! 
A great little book for all cat lovers! It is quirky, amusing and imaginative! I raced through it in three evenings because it was surprisingly addictive!

Excellent - can't wait for the next one!
The exploits of Kat and her delightful furry charges make extremely enjoyable reading - Clare Hemington has a lovely easy style of writing and her vivid descriptions of the pickles she & the cats she cares for get into makes you feel as though you're right there in the thick of it. Clare is writing about what she knows having run her own cat sitting business, and the attention she, as Kat, gives to our feline friends left in her care while their owners enjoy a well deserved holiday, is remarkable. No need is left unmet! If I lived in the south east and needed the services of a cat sitter, she would be the one I would choose to look after my furry tyrant - she could write another book on him alone! I do hope she will write a sequel - and soon! The Hairy Tails of a Cat Sitter is a warm-hearted, funny, touching and poignant read for all animal lovers - most cats would love to get their paws on a copy!

An hilarious book for cat lovers!
What a great read! If you want a good giggle this is the book to read. Clare's antics to keep her charges happy are often hilarious! She is such a caring person and her knowledge of cats and being able to "read"feline behaviour is second to none. A cat sitters life is certainly never dull. Well done!

Really enjoyable book - five stars!
As a fellow pet sitter, I was delighted to receive an email from the author, Clare Hemington, asking me if I would be interested in reading her new book. I purchased the book a few days later and it only took me a couple of days to read it as it's difficult to put down! I really enjoyed it, particularly because I can relate to some of the antics of Clare's charges! Anyone who has a cat will certainly enjoy this book - well worth a read!

Laughed Myself Silly!
"I’m so glad I treated myself to this book before Christmas as it allowed me to relax and de-stress during a frenetic pre-Christmas period. The stories are colourful, energetic and imaginative and the illustrations are so sweet. Whether or not you own a pet, if you want a light, humorous read, this does a great job!"

Amazon 5 Star Reviews Image


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