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The Hairy Tails of a Cat Sitter

Front Cover The Hairy Tails of a Cat Sitter showing a woman surrounded by cats
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Despite all this she’s able to develop some very special friendships with the beguiling cat characters she meets, as well as with their sometimes eccentric owners and nightmarishly nosy neighbours!

The Hairy Tails of a Cat Sitter will not only make you laugh, but you may even be able to recognise some of the funny little traits demonstrated by Katherine’s endearing cat charges in your own furry feline family, be they endearing, stubborn, stroppy, affectionate, stand-offish, or just plain manipulative!

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Whilst many of the book’s characters and stories are fictional, some are based on real people, cats and events. It’s up to you to guess which are real and which aren't!

Yellow budgerigar sitting on a pair of high heel leather boots next to a whip

When Kat fulfils her dream of running a cat sitting business little did she know that using a dead squirrel to entice a flea-ridden cat indoors; being dive-bombed by a demonic budgie and stumbling across one client’s shocking boudoir secrets would form part and parcel of her daily duties.

Amazon 5 Star Reviews



"​This book was a joy to read!"

"Loved every word of it!"


​​"I found it amusing, touching and simply a delight to read."


Excellent - can't wait for the next one!


Really enjoyable book - five stars!


An hilarious book for cat lovers!

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