Customer and Cat Reviews of Honeysuckle Cat Toys

With thanks to the lovely customers (and their cats!) who not only send me feedback on their purchases but who allow me to share it...


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Ziggy. Jo Smith.png
Black and white cat alseep on blanket with a paw on a honeysuckle wood slice


“It's my honeysuckle wood is my favourite toy when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Thank you for sending it to me. Love and purrs Ziggy xx "

— Z. Smith

— B. Yeo

"When I saw your posts pop up on my Instagram feed, I nearly disregarded it, but what with Christmas coming up at that point and my children (teens) being obsessed with our cats, I thought I would put a present under the tree for them. As it so happened, we forgot to give it to them. And then a few days later I noticed our male cat (a rescue cat, tabby, 3rd generation Siamese chocolate point) rummaging under the tree and I wondered what he was up to.


When I looked closer, I noticed that he was licking through the beautiful packaging of the toy. I unwrapped it for him and he has been besotted with this piece of wood ever since. "

Ginger and white cat holding cotton honeysuckle play kicker


“ None of my cats are bothered by catnip, but Gus especially really seems to like honeysuckle cat toys, have bought a few previously, but the kicker I got them for Christmas was a real hit!

— T. Taylor

— K. Lawson-Wood

"Excellent toys! We bought the medium honeysuckle wood and the kicker toy and all 4 of our cats love them both! Much tidier than catnip too!"



Ginger and white cat crouching over a slice of tatarian honeysuckle wood and looking up

“ Jimi absolutely loves his Honeysuckle wood! The entire thing was absolutely drenched in his dribble!😂 

A must buy!

— A. Hewitt

Tabby cat with funny expression playing with a honeysuckle catnip pouch on a bathroom floor

“Here’s Buddy, my young Siamese cross, having a fantastic time. Sorry about the photo in the bathroom, he was too excited to move out! He’s now fast asleep between my legs, worn out from his enjoyable exertions...!”

— M. Bagnell

"SAFFY and I think you deserve your Best Toy award because we love your toys (Saffy plays with hers constantly)."



"The latest piece of honeysuckle wood for my sister's Siamese Max has been a real hit, he adores it and rolls all over the place. Many thanks."



"The cats really enjoyed the lovely bits of honeysuckle wood, thank you!"


"Molly had only had them a minute before going mad playing with them. She loves the toys so much. 10/10. "

— K. Reavill

— F. Fell

— Jaki & Saffy Cat

— B. Snell

"The honeysuckle wood/pouch is definitely my cat Rafferty’s favourite, he goes wild for them (or should I say, even wilder, he’s a totally crazy feline and great fun).  


Everyone should buy these wonderful products from you for their felines. Great product, excellent service too.

I will no doubt be back for more!"

— Jacquie & Rafferty

Close up of black cat looking at the camera and holding on to a slice of tatarian honeysuckle wood


"We adopted our furry feline Zoya (aged nine-ish) and as we set about getting to know each other better, it emerged that she wasn't enamoured with catnip (dried or fresh, of any variety). It was a shame we couldn't treat her with it but managed to find plenty of other things she enjoys.


None of our cats have ever been unaffected by nip in the past so we weren't aware of many alternatives to try. Having taken a chance on the honeysuckle wood however, it seems that we have found something the ol' girl really enjoys! We often catch her rubbing her head across it while rolling in her radiator snoozing spot, and occasionally see her licking and dribbling on it.


As you can see from the photos, there is no doubt that it is well and truly hers, and we're really glad to have it enriching her life."

— N. Tilley

"I purchased two Honeysuckle cat pouches from you as Christmas gifts for my cat Tinkerbell and for my Friends cat, Fluffy. Both cats absolutely love the pouches.  Tinkerbell goes crazy with hers, knocking it under the sofa, cabinet, etc. My Friend said that Fluffy was going crazy and meowing for his when it was still wrapped in Christmas paper. We also love the beautiful bright colours of the pouches, which is particularly great for Fluffy as his eyesight is deteriorating.

Thank you so much Clare.  I will definitely be buying more Honeysuckle products from you and also recommending to my 'Crazy Cat Friends."

— S. Powell

"Oh my goodness did Grimble love his honeysuckle toy!! He had his head in the bag before I could get the toy out, and then once he had it, he was having so much fun kicking it about, throwing it around the room, chasing it, rubbing his face on it. We’ve never seen him have such a positive reaction to a toy, it was delightful to watch! Big winner from him and us!


The toy itself was delivered quickly, wonderfully packaged and considering the battering it’s already had it’s holding up and is a really cute pouch too. Totally recommend!"

— A. Wharton

Ginger and white cat playing with a hessian honeysuckle play kicker


"I just wanted to say thank you for the cat kicker....Camilla loves it. 

I've attached a photo of

her in action.

Many thanks.

Joanne and Camilla x"

— J. Keating


Black and white cat lying on floor holding a slice of tatarian honeysuckle wood

"Here is Niro; as soon as it came out the pack, he was on it!


This is his first enthusiastic play since his brother, Orin, passed away a month ago, so thank you."

— G. & L. Pretty

Ginger cat resting on a carpet with his chest on a slice of tatarian honeysuckle wood


"Rexi has worn himself out playing with his

honeysuckle wood.  

He loves it!

Many thanks."

— T. Cluer

"Hi Clare! OMG!!  They loved the toys!  Never seen a response like that, my tom cat was salivating so much that his entire neck was soaked!  They were supposed to be for Christmas but bad busted into the bag before I even got chance to hide it. Both my cats like catnip but the response is not as strong with that as it was with the honeysuckle wood, not even the fresh catnip plants I have. Am really pleased they like them as much as they do."

— K. O'Brien

"Over the past couple of weeks, I have -at great expense - bought my cat a drinking fountain and a cat tree - both of which he has chosen to ignore completely!!


BUT your honeysuckle toy and piece of wood are a major hit. He could smell them through the envelope and could hardly wait for me to hand them over!


I have a very happy cat!"

— A. Briscoe

Grey and white cat patting and chewing on a slice of tatarian honeysuckle wood


"Thought you might like to see these photos. This is Su, I got her when she was 4 weeks old because she had been dumped in a cardboard box in West Yorkshire.  


She has Cerebellar Hypoplasia so is an indoor cat. I am constantly looking for things to keep her entertained because of this and she is completely cat nip ambivalent.


I saw your article in Your Cat magazine and thought I'd give these a try. As you can see, no ambivalence!


Hopefully this will save my rug from cat claws for another year!! Thanks!!"

— G. Fowler

Ginger and white cat lying down sniffing a piece of tatarian honeysuckle wood and black and white cat resting in front of a yellow honeysuckle catnip knitwit



"I got my toys this morning, I seen the article in Your Cat magazine, as you can see, my two love them, the ginger ninja is Harry and the tuxedo is Lizzie. 

I'm sure I'll be back for more. Thank you."

— L. Calder

Ginger and white cat lying on carpet putting a slice of honeysuckle wood in his mouth


"I’m really pleased my husband discovered your website. 

I’ll definitely be I’ll buying from you again for our  cat Rusty.


Many thanks."

— J. Clapham

"Honeysuckle toys are a must for cats!  I have 3 cats ranging from 1 to 17 years, and they all enjoy playing with their toys, licking the wood and chewing the pouches. 

I highly recommend giving them a try and adding them to your pet's Christmas list.


I’m delighted to say that my cat, Bobby, is enthralled with this toy and refuses to give it up to me!


Really pleased about this because he has never shown the slightest interest in catnip toys."

— Y. Watt

— A. Bowler

"Great customer service! There was no issue posting it abroad and they sent it right away.


Toys arrived in a cute package and lovely owner add a little gift for being their first customer from Slovakia.

My cat absolutely loved the toys, I've never seen him acting like this ever before. He went all crazy, doing flip-flops, bunny kicking and then happily fell asleep. And to mention, he doesn't react to the catnip at all.


Highly recommended."


"My cat Beau had 2 of the Honeysuckle cat toys.

She absolutely loves walking round with the knitted one in her mouth and also kicking and biting it!


The service from the company was brilliant. All well packaged, swiftly delivered and good communication."

"Thank you for the kickaroo hessian toy. Arfur keeps going back to it and "killing" it.


I bought one of the knitted toys for my sisters cat who loved it so much she tore it apart and scattered the insides all over the carpet and proceeded to roll in it and then looked totally zonked out for about ten minutes and then staggered away to the bedroom.


We can safely say she thoroughly enjoyed it."

— D. Wilson

— C. Tsui

"I purchased some honeysuckle wood as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend's cat, and just wanted to let you know that it was a massive hit with her, and also one of the visiting neighbourhood cats! The local ginger tom could smell the scent from where the wood had been on the carpet the previous day and went nuts for it!"

— S. Dunmore

Blurry image of black cat playing with honeysuckle catnip pouch on a blue rug


"Dear Clare. 


Pickles really likes the piece of wood and the little bag!"

— R. Odling

"We heard about honeysuckle on Twitter, one of my cats followers had some and showed a video of it. I didn't believe that a piece of wood could have that influence over a cat so had to try it on my three.  All of our cats love it, they lick it and roll on it, one tries to chew it but it's lovely to see them interact with it. One of my cats loves catnip but it makes him nasty towards my other cats when he is on a nip high, this honeysuckle does not seem to have this impact on him, it seems to relax him. I've recommended the wood to several family members and my mum and my nana now both have some for their cats. 

Thank you for bringing this to England and for removing the need for me to be sweeping up catnip everyday :-). 

Many thanks"  

— Emma and The cats George, Smidge and Charlie


— R. Summerton

Black cat lying on floor with head resting on a red patterned honeysuckle catnip pouch


"Hello Claire. Thank you very much for the toys. My cat Olive absolutely loves them.

We have tried in the past with catnip however she does not like it.  The moment we gave her the honeysuckle she was ecstacic and has not been able to take her paws off since.


We cant wait to purchase in the near future!"

— A. Hendry

Tabby cat lying with belly up next to a slice of tatarian honeysuckle wood



"The recipient of this gift was chuffed with it! And here she is,

New-Mew looking seriously lethargic with her slice of honeysuckle."

"A great idea my cat loves it, biting playing scratching away"

— R. Summerton

— C. Tsui