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Rescue Cat Phibï

My honeysuckle toys were really put to the test last week by Spanish cat Phibï.

Phibï was rescued by his owner Uli. He had fallen into a very narrow ditch from which he was unable to extricate himself. With help from Uli managed to escape into a tall hedge. However, it wasn't for another 14 days that Uli was able to finally rescue him scared, hungry, dirty and covered in fleas.

Seven months later and Phibï has turned into the most mischievous of cats. Uli reports that he opens cupboards and drawers and has destroyed more in six months than all her cats put together in 30 years. But this has made him only more lovable!

Looking for alternatives to catnip and valerian toys to keep him occupied, Uli decided to try my honeysuckle toys. In Uli's words, here's what happened when the toys arrived...

"We received your lovely package just before last weekend and I scarcely had time to put them on the floor, because Phibï tried to get them out of my hands, barely having caught scent. The little pouch with the mix of grounded honeysuckle and organic catnip was an absolute hit. Phibï is quite a drug junkie (he loves them all - catnip, silver vine, valerian), but the response to your little pouch was surprisingly strong."

And here's the evidence. You'll see Phibï demonstrating perfectly the final part of a cat's hunting sequence - shredding it's prey! 😸

His antics are closely watched by his feline housemate and fellow rescue cat Alex Roombito. Alex's story is nothing short of miraculous and you can read all about him here:

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