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Making the World a Better Place for Cats. Part 3: Puzzle Feeding

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

In the third part of my video series about making the world a better place for cats, I introduce the concept of puzzle feeding your cats.

Puzzle feeding, sometimes known as interactive feeding is the process by which cats are required to manipulate food, usually kibble, out of a puzzle food dispenser. When cats acquire food in the natural world, they don’t just happen upon a plate of tasty bird or mouse, they have to hunt for it. This involves sighting, stalking, pouncing, killing and eventually eating the results of their hard work. Although not replicating this process entirely, puzzle feeding gives cats the opportunity to experience more challenge and stimulating in the acquisition of their food. It also helps slow down their eating which can be helpful for cats that are prone to putting on weight.

Packed with information on the benefits of puzzle feeding, transitioning your cat to puzzle feeding, the types of puzzle feeder, as well as lots of videos and images of cats using feeders from the easiest to the most advanced, here's all the guidance you need to start puzzle feeding your cat today!

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