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Making the World a Better Place for Cats. Part 1: Play

This is the first of a three-part video blog series called ‘Making the World a Better Place for Cats. The series is hosted by me, Clare Hemington Cat Behaviourist and founder of Honeysuckle Cat Toys. The series focusses on some of the things we can do to help our cats have as happy and as stress free a life as possible. This video puts the spotlight on cat play.

As far as I’m concerned play is one of the best forms of enrichment we can give our cats. It has so many benefits such as helping stressed and anxious cats, improving the bond between cat and owner, distracting cats from each other, allowing cats to exercise their natural instincts, the list is almost endless! In this the first video of the series, I focus on the benefits of play for all cats young and old, and offers hints and tips for making the most of play time with your cat.

Thank you for watching. If you find this video useful, please do share with other cat fans!

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