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How To Make a Cat Puzzle Feeder

cat with toilet roll puzzle feeder
Billy loves his toilet roll puzzle feeder!

Just a few years ago none of us had even heard of cat puzzle feeders (also known as interactive cat feeders), let alone bought one. However, the market now seems to be awash with an amazing array of innovative feeders, usually marketing them interactive cat toys. I'm a huge fan of these - not only do they provide stimulation for cats by encouraging them to forage for their food but they can also slow down the food intake of cats who are prone to obesity.

However, you don't have to spend a fortune on an ultra complex or flashy feeder that your cat won't recognise as such! With a little bit of imagination you can make your own as the following examples show!

Cats using puzzle feeders

But if the idea of taking glue to cardboard or plastic doesn't appeal, there is a huge variety puzzle feeders available to buy. To wet your cat's appetite here are some videos of cats working out how to use some of the more complicated varieties of feeder.

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