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And the Winner Is...

In celebration of International Cat Day on 8th August 2020 I ran a little competition. I asked owners to send me a limerick about their cat, along with a photo. At stake was a bundle of Honeysuckle goodies!

I had so much fun reading the entries, thank you all so, so much. It was really hard to chose between them, but I finally decided and here it is...

Mister Ben

From Foal Farm came a cat: Mister Ben,

For a second time, re-homed again,

He nibbles his fur,

Has a street cat purr,

Everyone loves Mister Ben - Emma Kaye

Mr Ben

I love the simplicity of this as well as the

fact that there's a beautiful story behind it...

And here are all the fantastic runners up (in no particular order)!


Ruby's the jewel in my crown

Her features resemble a frown

She asks for her food

And whatever her mood

She makes me feel good if I'm down - Liz



Tommy looks forward to dinner And likes to pretend he is thinner Between me and you That’s not really true But here's how he proves he’s a winner! - Yvonne Watt



There once was a cat named Binky,

who liked to play with a slinky,

she’d bat it downstairs and under the chairs,

But would love to win toys that are stinky - Kristi Bartlett



There once was a ginger shorthair named Gus Who liked to travel by bus He’d sit on the seat And the people he’d greet Then meow till they’d give him some fuss - Tracey



My name is Kili the cat

I got a new Knitwit to bat

I'm on a nip high

Feeling like I can fly

But now I'm zonked out on the mat - Tina & Paul White



I have a young cat named Buddy

who thought me a fuddy-duddy

so I gave him honey wood

as all good servants should

and now I am HIS purrfect Buddy - Mary Bagnall



You told me you're Phibï, Bringer of Light but soon I discovered you were also a plight a chaos-cat who ruined more in a year than all of my other cats together, I fear so 'Light' or 'light', that was our flite.

I prayed with all might you soon grow up and stop opening all, included the tap but with that only the mischief you made got quite a lot more sophisticate a we got more and mor hubbub.

And now you are three, still brimming with joy

tearing apart your Honeysuckle Cat Toy

seems you're still a little kitten at core

well, there is Clare, we just get some more

for making happy this naughty boy.

Mischievous Phibi


Amber is very gymnastic

Her balancing skills are fantastic

She climbs inside hedges

And walks along ledges

Resulting in nothing too drastic - Yvonne Watt



There is a short hair called Moggie

Who loves toys that make her leap like a froggy

But when cuddling her cushion

There’s simply no discussion

Being lazy and feeling all groggy - Phil Goodlad


I know of a kitten named Ben

For cuteness I'd give him a 10

He just loves to play

Every single day

Now I'm never lonely again - Sheryl Allmark


And also from Sheryl...


There once was a cat named Storm

He would often stay in the warm

He brings in live mice

That's not very nice

He also hunts flies by the swarm


There was a Ragdoll called Fudge

Once sat down he wouldn't budge

He snoozed all day long

Whilst snoring a little song

Oh, but how we shouldn't judge! - Angela Peregreen



My whole world, my family. Amber, Honey and Chester made three. It’s broken my heart Two had to depart And now it’s just Amber and me..... - Catherine Slater

Amber, Chester & Honey


Jerry's our 18 year boy

Who still loves to play with a toy

Despite his long years

And loss of both ears,

He’s such a big bundle of joy! - Yvonne Watt



There is a striped tiger called Sonny

Who sits in boxes and thinks it looks funny

When fighting his Kicker

Legs go quicker and quicker

Boy does he love Tatarian honey - Phil Goodlad



I have a tabby cat called Sophie

She once caught two live mice as a trophy.

She no longer eats mice as a snack,

She’s now been trained to jump over my back - Danni Robins


Big T

There once was a cat called Big T

Who liked chasing butterflies and bees

And he pounced on the grass

He sighed “O alas”

I think my chasing days are in the past - Pauline Rosser

Big T


I have a cat called Sebastian

Who's looking for a reaction

He is very speedy

But also quite needy

So you give him your attention - Sophie Young


Duke There was a young tabby from Kent

who wished through the post to be sent

He licked and affixed the stamp

he truly was a clever champ

and through Royal Mail he went! - Sarah Irving



There was a grey tabby called Luna

who wanted her dinner much sooner

she reached for her knife

and hoped for no strife

as long as she was served tuna...! - Alan Irving



No Sunday sleep-ins will she allow

Every 3a.m. is time for chow!

Pawing, purring alarm

Furry butt on my arm

No snooze button shuts off her meow - Megan Woodgate



Ziggy is our black and white kitty,

Who does far more than sit and look pretty,

He chases birds far and wide,

Brings live mice to our side,

If we hadn’t met, oh what a pity! - Jo Smith



There was a Ragdoll called Cookie

She had furry feet like a Wookie

She liked to chase after ribbon

Even if held by a gibbon

What a strange cat you lookie! - Ryley Peregreen


I love Ryley's entry for it's complete whacky-ness!


There once was a cat who loved chicken,

Who’d wait by the fridge for rich pickings,

She’d squeak her desires,

Until you would tire,

Then she’d feast with lots of lip lickin’ - Emma Kaye


Here is a hunting cat

Living inside both lazy and fat

Until a honeysuckle toy

Brought into his life much joy

Now happy, playful and fit he’s such an acrobat! - Jessica Knight

Jessica's beautiful boy...


My mum took me down to the vet

I haven't recovered just yet

I'm asleep on my chair

Having washed every hair

Just how insulting can being a pet get! - Sara Knight



There was a young cat found in Cyprus,

Who was a bit of a Tigris. 

She flew on a plane, to England she came,

And now she’s just smothered with kindness - Sue Pooley


And from the lovely cats at Paws Cat Cafe in Tonbridge, Kent...

We brought our cats a new lovely bed "Made for Cats" the ad said, But boxes are preferred Doesn't that seem absurd But it's true, they just want any box instead! 

The box-loving cats at Paws Cat Cafe!

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