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Facts About Male Cats

To celebrate International Men's Day on 9th November I thought I'd share an article I've written for The Happy Cat Site which is entirely devoted to the tomcats in our lives. There may even be some facts that take you by surprise!

When I was a little girl we used to have a very large ginger tomcat visit our garden every day.

He was a ferocious looking feline who would swagger around the neighborhood, touting his wares to receptive females and making mincemeat of any other cat that dared to defend their territory, including our own cat.

Despite that, I couldn’t help but have respect for this self-sufficient cat colossus.

In fact, he made such an impression on me that I’ve only ever owned male cats (not that I’ve got anything against females!)

Things don’t seem to have changed much since then, and more of often than not when I conduct behaviour consultations in clients’ homes, I’ll get to hear about the local ‘big cheese’ of the cat world that’s making life miserable for their cat.

Of course, not all male cats are like Ol’ Ginger, and in this article, we’ll find out why, along with some more fun and fascinating facts about male cats.

You can read the article full article on The Happy Cat Site.

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