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Clare Hemington Cat Behaviourist - Reviews

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As an accredited Cat Behaviourist I have been helping cat owners for many years either manage or resolve what can be upsetting behaviours displayed by their cats. During this time I've met some very special cats and lots of lovely owners, and here are some of their reviews of my cat behaviour work.

"We were referred to Clare by our vet regarding our cat, Tom, who had been spraying in the house from an early age and despite various treatments, had failed to improve.  Clare explained that long term habits like these are hard to eradicate but kindly came to our house to assess Tom and offer advice.  With a comprehensive plan for some fairly simple changes to improve the way Tom feels about himself, we have been delighted at the  improvement in just 4 months and cannot recommend Clare highly enough for her caring and professional service." - Y. Watt

"I was totally at my wits end with a difficult situation between my two kitties.  Already aware of Clare’s wonderful reputation, I’m so glad I contacted her when I did.  With much patience she thoroughly investigated our situation, recognised our issues and advised accordingly. 

Clare was great at putting things in perspective, guiding me to the right track with a plan of action and saving my sanity also.  It’s all paws on the pulse with Clare, do not hesitate getting in touch with your cat troubles, I am so grateful to Clare and  I highly recommend her!! 

- A. Mills

"I contacted Clare as one of my beautiful Birman’s had started to urinate inappropriately indoors and I was horrified!  I took him to the vet initially to rule out any medical condition which thank goodness they did but the spraying still continued.  I completed a comprehensive questionnaire in advance of Clare’s visit so when Clare visited my home to observe both my cats she had all the information at hand.  Clare is a very genuine lady who obviously loves what she does and is extremely knowledgeable.  Clare was here for a good few hours and there was lot to talk through and take in but this was all followed up very promptly with a very detailed report which I found really useful as I had something to refer to after her visit.  Clare recommended some relatively simple changes but oh my goodness, what a difference they have made already!  Both my cats are more contented and there has not been any spraying at all. In addition to the consultation Clare has provided ongoing support as and when I have needed it.  I really can’t thank Clare enough for all her help and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who needs professional help and advice with their cats." - L. Sadler 

"A year after we got him back, we've had such success with our Thomas thanks to you. I'm glad that he is safe with us now he's reached his Tenth year." - N. Mulville

"Things have taken on a totally different stance since your original, very much needed, involvement. Reuben is growing into a beautiful mischievous little boy.  He has come on leaps and bounds and we do not appear to have a problem with him using our bed as a litter tray at all now. I am so very grateful to you for your input with the cats.  It has been a huge benefit to them and us and I thank you so very much.  It will be sad to lose contact with you and would like to think I can keep in touch now and again to let you know how things are going. Once again thank you so much for everything.  Your involvement made a massive difference to our family." - B. Cassells

"It feels like I have my old Stan and Pearl back  - they are so much more relaxed and calm, and very settled together -  snuggled up together all the time now. They both chat when I come down in the morning and let them out, and I give them a lot of fuss. Stan is much less vocal and no longer cries at night. They are both eating well (almost too well now!) and during the day are much more chilled out.
Thank you so much - I cannot believe what a difference your interventions and advice has made. I sleep well at night and I feel enormously better. I cannot be more grateful.” -
S. Doffman

"Everyone at the veterinary practice where I work was very interested in reading your report especially as they thought the problem couldn´t be fixed!  Thank you very much for your help and advice, it´s made a huge difference." - A. Bird

"I rescued a very stressed out  6 year old Burmese female cat last July,having lost my old cat three days before. The cat's family and 2 year old child were moving that day and were not keen to take her with them so I said I would take her. She was terrified, as would be expected. For three months she would pee on my bed and in the bath and slept in the bottom of my wardrobe, hid where possible and did not like being touched. She came with no background history and I really wondered what I was going to do with her. Looking at Facebook one day, I came across Clare Hemington's page Clare's Cat Care - Cat Behaviourist. I made contact with her immediately and had a response that day. After filling in a downloaded proforma and returning it by email, Clare contacted me with a telephone appointment for the following day. The consultation took over an hour. Clare is a very understanding and compassionate lady.  She obviously loves her profession and has a good follow up. I carried out most of her suggestions and now have a fun loving, affectionate, playful cat.  I would recommend Clare to any one who has a problem cat.  Thank you Clare." - M. Humphreys

"Having had a number of cats over many years I finally called in a cat behaviourist. One of my cats, Khan, had repeatedly, over many years, adopted other homes and I had run out of ideas as to how to persuade him to stay home. I didn't want to give him up but I was out of ideas. I found Clare online after searching for a cat behaviourist relatively local to me. Clare was incredibly prompt in responding to my enquiry. We booked a consultation call to take place within days for which I was very grateful. I had some pre-work to do in preparation for the call and during that process and the call itself it became very obvious why Khan wasn't overly happy at home.  Clare recommended some simple changes that really have made a lot of difference. Khan is definitely happier and more settled and hasn't strayed since! I would recommend Clare to anyone who has cat problems. In fact I wish I had spoken to Clare when I first adopted my cats (they have all been rescue cats) as I think more conscious cat ownership would have prevented the problems developing." - A Griffiths

"Clare gave support and advice on handling and socialising a very nervous and frightened six week old abandoned feral kitten that we rescued from a ditch, having been separated from her mother. Over time we were able to build the kittens confidence and she has developed into a well balanced, playful and gentle adult cat who continues to develop as time goes on. Though very experienced cat owners for over 30 years, we had never dealt with this situation before and Clare's advice and knowledge in the early stages enabled us to bring the kitten along to become the lovely adult cat that she now is. Clare has a huge amount of practical experience as well as academic qualifications and if you have behavioural issues with your cat or kitten, we would definitely recommend contacting her for friendly and helpful advice." - S. and L. Heath

"I was a very concerned and anxious mummy after getting my Bengal Kitten Tiger Lily and a friend referred me to Clare for help and advice. I rang Clare who offered me amazing advice on how to care for Tiger Lily and made suggestions to keep her stimulated whilst she was home alone when I was at work.  I have contacted Clare a few times to get more advice on letting Tiger Lily go outside and on general kitten behavior as Bengals are slightly high maintenance and demanding compared to other breeds.  Clare will reassure you and always have the best interests of your cat offering the most helpful advice. Nothing is too much trouble for her to give advice on. I would highly recommend that you contact Clare for any concerns you may have regarding your cat or kitten as without Clare’s advice I would not have my beautiful and happy Tiger Lily and believe she may have developed behavior problems if I had listened to the breeders advice." 

- N. Khan

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