YC Product Award 2020 Newsletter 670x400

Last year I launched my small business selling cat toys made from Tatarian honeysuckle wood to provide scent enrichment for the little tigers in our living rooms.


Thanks to the kind support of my customers, my toys were voted ‘Winner’ in the Best Cat Toy category of the prestigious Your Cat Magazine Product Awards 2018/19. Given that I’d only launched the business months before, I was humbled.

The Product Awards for 2019/20 have just launched and I wondered if you wouldn’t mind repeating your generosity by voting once more for my Honeysuckle Cat Toys in the Best Toy category.


Unlike last year, voting will be by postal votes only using the forms included in the September issue of  Your Cat Magazine (on sale 15th August) and October issue (on sale 13th September). I realise this is a big ask, so would only ask you to vote for my Honeysuckle Cat Toys if you buy the magazine anyway.


Winning the award two years in a row would be amazing!


On behalf of Clare and Billy a big THANK YOU! 

Clare Billy Pic.png