Ten Tips for Helping Your Cat through the Fireworks Season

There will be some cats for whom the first whistle and crack of a firework will send them scuttling under the nearest bed. Here are a few tips to help ensure your cat has a stress-free time during the firework season.

1. Remember that fireworks don’t just happen on November the 5th but can take place both before and after this date, and potentially well into November in some areas. Also consider that many people also use fireworks as part of their New Years Eve celebrations.

2. Make sure your cat is indoors before dusk with the cat flap locked and windows and doors shut.

3. Draw the curtains and turn on the radio or television to provide background noise and draw your cat’s attention away from what’s going on outside.

4. Create a safe quiet area with a cosy bed that your cat has used previously. This might be a blanket in a cardboard box, an old duvet under the bed, or even a heated pet pad. If appropriate, raising the bed off the floor will provide an extra sense of security. If your cat retreats to this space or any other private area then do not disturb! This is your cat’s chosen coping strategy.

5. Use a Pet Remedy, Feliway® or other calming plugin diffuser to help reduce any anxiety your cat may be experiencing.

6. If you don’t already, provide a litter tray in a private location in your home that is easily accessible to your cat.

7. Behave as normally as possible to show your cat that there’s nothing to be frightened of.

8. Avoid reassuring your cat if he or she shows fear,

instead try using positive distraction techniques

such as play.

9. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t punish your cat for what you believe to be any ‘inappropriate’ reaction to fireworks.

10. Microchipping your cat will ensure a safe return if he or she does escape and get lost trying to escape from the noise.

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