Rare Tiger Gets His First Sniff of Tatarian Honeysuckle Wood

Last Friday I made a trip up to Hamerton Zoo Park in Cambridgeshire to donate a rather large honeysuckle log as enrichment for their Tigers.

This would be a world first in that Tigers have never before been exposed to Tatarian Honeysuckle. However, I wasn't wildly optimistic as Tigers aren't generally known for being interested in olfactory enrichment. Nevertheless, I was keeping my fingers crossed that they would like it as much as their domestic cousins!

The log was put in with Sippi, a Malayan Tiger, the rarest species of Tiger in the world. Here's how he got on...

Just when you want to show off your product with the rarest Tiger in the world, he turns his back on you, typical cat! 😸

Joking apart, even though I had to film him from behind very reflective glass, seeing this beautiful animal interested in my Tatarian honeysuckle wood was such a privilege and an experience I’ll never forget.

Part 2 of my honeysuckle adventures at the Zoo involved some beautiful, but sadly endangered Oncillas. The pair in the video below, plus a third, too shy to appear, are the only Oncillas in the UK, so I was chuffed to bits to see them respond so amazingly to my honeysuckle wood.

I can't thank Hamerton's Carnivore Keeper Caroline for making these experiences possible.

You can treat your own little Tiger to a slice of Tatarian honeysuckle wood here !

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