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Cat Pain Awareness

Cats are masters of the art of disguising pain. So, here are some signs for you to look out for…

  1. Reduced activity

  2. Loss of appetite

  3. Quiet/loss of curiosity

  4. Changes in urinary habits

  5. Hiding

  6. Hissing or spitting

  7. Lack of agility/jumping

  8. Excessive licking/grooming

  9. Stiff posture/gait

  10. Guarding behaviour

  11. Stops grooming/matted fur

  12. Tail flicking

  13. Weight loss

One of the most common but unnoticed causes of pain in cats, is dental pain and we all know how miserable this can be. For details of the signs that a cat is suffering from dental pain include see my blog post How to Tell if Your Cat Has Toothache.

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