Meet The Team at Honeysuckle Cat Toys

The Head Honcho

I'm Billy, and I'm top dog (so to speak) of this outfit, and I can tell you this honeysuckle stuff is a real game changer.

It took some blue sky thinking to get it out there but we've really hit the ground running with it.

I run a tight ship and expect my staff to pick up my ideas and run with them so we're all singing from the same hymn sheet.

I can tell you, it's back-breaking work, with little rest and no holidays or retirement at the end of it, but I do it all to bring my fellow felines the best darn honeysuckle cat toys out there! 

His Staff

I'm Clare Hemington, product manager at Honeysuckle Cat Toys. I also happen to be a Cat Behaviourist, writer of articles about cat behaviour and author of 'The Hairy Tails of a Cat Sitter'. But most importantly I'm Billy's right hand (hu)man. Luckily for me, Billy's bark is worse than his bite, and he allows me to get on with my job with only the occasional cracking of the whip!

I am a Member of the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE) Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers. If you'd like to find out more about your cat's behaviour visit on my Blog!

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