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Owner of Honeysuckle Cat Toys Clare Hemington, is an accredited Cat Behaviourist ​and member of the COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers. She currently offers veterinary ​referred cat behaviour consultations in Kent (England) as well telephone and Skype consultations worldwide. Reviews from Clare's clients can be found here.

Clare also writes about Cat Behaviour for Your Cat Magazine, for The Happy Cat site and for her own Curious Cat Blog where you can find guides on some common cat behaviour problems.

We were referred to Clare by our vet regarding our cat, Tom, who had been spraying in the house from an early age and despite various treatments, had failed to improve.  Clare explained that long term habits like these are hard to eradicate but kindly came to our house to assess Tom and offer advice.  With a comprehensive plan for some fairly simple changes to improve the way Tom feels about himself, we have been delighted at the  improvement in just 4 months and cannot recommend Clare highly enough for her caring and professional service. Y Watt

When addressing cat behaviour problems it’s important to recognise that no two sets of circumstances are the same. Your cat's own unique temperament and set of characteristics and how he responds to everyday challenges may be very different to any other cat, and whilst genetics and inherited traits will play a large role in this, there are also other things that influence how our cats behave. These include the type of socialisation they had as kittens, the environments in which they have lived and are currently living, and the types of interactions they’ve experienced both with humans and with other cats.  Clare will address all of these elements to ensure that you receive advice that is tailored to your particular situation.

Clare offers two types of consultation:

Home Consultation
Clare will visit you in your home and spend approximately 3-4 hours with you and your cat(s). During this time she will take a detailed history, observe the cat(s) behaviour and interactions with other cats (where applicable) and with the people in the household; assess the environment inside and out, and the resources available to the cat(s). At the end of the consultation she will recommend strategies to address the behaviour and these will be written up in a comprehensive report and sent to you within 2-3 days of the consultation. A report will also be sent to your vet outlining the recommendations.

Consultations conducted in your home involve Clare working in liaison with your vet. For this she requires a veterinary referral. Simply print this
referral form, or save it to your PC, then forward it to your vet who will complete it and email it direct to Clare with a copy of your cat's medical history. There are circumstances under which your vet may ask to check your cat before making the referral. The reason why this is important is so that the vet can rule out any underlying physical cause for the behaviour.

The charge for a home visit is £145 plus the cost of the return journey by car or train. Included is a report with a tailor-made behaviour modification programme, all liaison as necessary with your vet and a period of follow-up support by phone and/or email.  If a second home visit is requested this will be chargeable. Consultations take place mornings only Monday to Friday

Examples of the types of behaviour that may require a home consultation include:

  • Urinating or defecating in the house (house-soiling)

  • Urine spraying in the house

  • Aggression between cats 

  • Aggression towards owners

  • Overgrooming or fur plucking

  • Anxiety where this is impacting on the quality of the cat's life

  • PICA - the eating of non foodstuff eg plastic, wool, electric cables 

This type of consultation is usually more suited to those owners seeking more general advice on subjects such as:

  • Cats that scratch furniture

  • Introducing cats

  • How to introduce a cat and dog

  • Advice on buying a cat or kitten

  • Kitten care

  • What to do if you have a missing cat

  • Wandering cats

  • Advice relating to stray and feral cats

  • Rehoming cats

For more complex situations there may be a limit on what can be achieved during this type of consultation, but where a home visit is not feasible Clare will still be able to give you constructive and practical guidance by phone.

Telephone Consultations are charged at £65 and last approximately 1 hour. Any follow-up is charged at £25 for each subsequent 30 minute phone consultation. There may be an additional charge for Telephone Consultations with clients outside of the UK to cover any transaction and currency conversion fees.  Clare will notify you of the exact cost at the point of your initial enquiry.

If you live in Kent and would like Clare to visit you, please contact her on

Honeysuckle Cat Toys came about as a result of some reading I was doing in relation to my work as a Cat Behaviourist. So I thought you might like to read about this aspect of my work as experienced by one of my cat behaviour clients, Nicole Mowbray, a journalist who subsequently wrote about it in the National Press. I'd like to thank Nicole for helping to raise awareness of cat behaviour issues...

Clare x


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