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How it All Started

My name is Clare and as a Cat Behaviourist I'm always on the look out for ways to enrich the lives of our family felines.

I'd been recommending catnip and valerian toys to my clients for years, as well as buying them for my own cat Billy in the vain hope that he would get some benefit from them. However, he has indicated very clearly that he's not a fan. So, I started to think there must be an alternative to these plants that I could offer to cats for whom catnip and valerian just don't do it. This is when I happened across some interesting research which showed that cats can also respond very well to Tatarian honeysuckle.

Tatarian honeysuckle wood has been sold specifically as a cat toy in Canada and the USA for over 25 years, but it's availability in the UK has been limited to just one or two pet suppliers in the form of toys containing ground honeysuckle wood. However, during my research I found out that cats are particularly responsive to the inner wood from a Tatarian honeysuckle shrub, so I decided to test these claims and run my own trial using slices of the wood. The results were  amazing. Not only did all the cats in my trial group respond very positively, but my sample slices have subsequently been drooled on and 'caressed' by every cat that I've introduced them to. Even Billy can't resist it! 

So, I decided to try and spread the word about this wonderful and natural source of cat fun. 

Honeysuckle Cat Toys is a small business dedicated to providing the tigers in our living rooms with natural enrichment to excite their senses!

I run this alongside my Cat Behaviour Referrals Practice in Kent www.catbehaviour.net 

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