Honeysuckle Cat Toys is a award-winning small business selling toys for cats made from Tatarian Honeysuckle wood. These fragrant and completely natural cat toys offer wonderful enrichment for all cats, young and old, and provide a great alternative to catnip. It's run and owned by me, Clare Hemington, an accredited Cat Behaviourist.  

Now available to buy for the very first time anywhere in the UK, Honeysuckle Cat Toys has been voted Best Cat Toy in the Your Cat Magazine product awards.



“My honeysuckle wood is my favourite toy when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Thank you for sending it to me. Love and purrs Ziggy xx.” 

- Z. Smith

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What is Tatarian Honeysuckle Wood?

If you're looking for natural ​cat toys, then

look no further. Learn all about Tatarian 

honeysuckle wood for cats and why your

cat will love it here.

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Read All About us In Your Cat Magazine. Find out how our toys fared when Your Cat Magazine put them to the test!

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See how our cat customers 
responded to their new honeysuckle cat toys here.  Warning:  These images contain scenes of uninhibited play and drooling!

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The Curious Cat...

Visit my blog for the latest news and information about cats and their behaviour.  

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The September Issue of Your Cat

Magazine is out now and in my latest

article I look at PICA, a condition which causes cats to eat things such as leather, wool and other non-nutritious matter. Get our copy here.

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Are the stories in Clare's book The Hairy Tails of a Cat Sitter fact or fiction? You decide!

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